MP’s call for a ban on pavement parking

Parked cars blocking the pavement in Ipswich. Image courtesy of Peter Eastern

MPs have called for a blanket ban on pavement parking. The transport committee criticised government inaction on the issue. The panel heard evidence from witnesses who said that the worst of pavement parking trapped the disabled, elderly and vulnerable, making them “afraid to leave their homes.”

The report says, “Pavement parking puts pedestrians in danger when they are forced to move into the road to get around a vehicle or where there are trip hazards due to damage to the pavement. People with mobility or visual impairments, as well as those who care for others, are disproportionately affected. It exacerbates, and is a cause of, social isolation and loneliness for people who feel unable to safely leave their homes or are physically prevented from doing so by pavement parking.”

You can read more about this issue in this Independent article.

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