The Connecting Leeds proposals for Lawnswood roundabout in relation to the climate emergency

Aerial photo showing the Lawnswood roundabout and mature trees

“In March this year, Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency and committed itself to reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2030. This commitment is at odds with the council’s support for the “Connecting Leeds” project, which by narrowing pavements and encroaching on green space along the A660 and A6120, would effectively increase road capacity and air pollution. The recently discarded Connecting Leeds proposals relating to Lawnswood roundabout and its environs, would have resulted in the destruction of the roundabout and the potential removal of up to 49 trees around the roundabout and within the grounds of Lawnwood School. As trees help to remove carbon from the atmosphere, as well as reducing other airborne pollution, their removal would not help Leeds to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2030. Furthermore, all available bus data shows that any savings in bus times to the city centre would be negligible.

The council needs to make an immediate start on reducing carbon levels to achieve its aim of reducing emissions to zero by 2030. And so the A660 Joint Council supports the “Save the 49 Trees” campaign in its efforts to save these trees and the roundabout. We applaud the scrapping of the previous proposal and call on Leeds City Council to maintain this iconic northern green gateway into the city.”

This statement was today sent to councillors and the press.

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