Bendybuses form part of WYCA’s proposed mass transit system

Proposed mass transit system (image courtesy of WYCA)

A Yorkshire Evening Post article was published today revealing more details of the proposed mass transit system. The article is based on a new report by West Yorkshire Combined Authority which states that the East Leeds, Bradford to Leeds and South Leeds to Dewsbury routes will be among the first to be built. Page 16 of the report states that the system will comprise a mixture of bendybuses and trams. It states that the bendybuses will carry 120 people and have seats for between 30 to 50 of these people. Page 16 also states that these technologies are “new” to West Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Evening Post article and (so far as I can see), no other media article mentions that bendybuses form part of the plan. Has WYCA forgotten one of the reasons the trolleybus inspector gave for rejecting the trolleybus? On page 634 of his report, he stated, “. . . it is likely that a significant number of passengers would have to stand on the trolley vehicles, particularly during the peak times, and this would act as a deterrent to their use and a potential safety risk on the articulated vehicles.” The proposed new system is supported by West Yorkshire’s mayor, Tracy Brabin, as well as the leaders of the five councils which make up West Yorkshire, including our own Councillor James Lewis.

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