GALBA – appeal for help

Image courtesy of Leeds Bradford Airport.

GALBA (Groups Against Leeds Bradford Airport) is appealing for your help:

“The government recently announced its new ‘Jet Zero’ draft strategy for the future of aviation. With its over-reliance on unproven future technology and its failure to accept the Climate Change Committee’s advice that aviation expansion must be stopped, this draft strategy is dangerous and reckless. It also has the potential to shape all aviation decisions in the UK for the foreseeable future, including the decision by Secretary of State Robert Jenrick on whether to call in LCC’s approval of Leeds Bradford Airport’s planning application, and put it before a public inquiry.

We urgently need your help to help fight Jet Zero. Please consider doing one (or all) of the actions below…

  • Respond to the consultation before the 8th September.
  • Write to your MP to ask them to exert their influence.
  • Write to the press about Jet Zero.

We have produced a set of guide responses, should you find this helpful. This link: takes you directly to these guide responses and the email address to send them to.

Thank you.

The GALBA Committee


Our key concerns about Jet Zero are as follows:

  • The government has chosen to ignore key recommendations from the Climate Change Committee, its own expert climate advisers, and instead to accept the UK aviation industry’s proposals.
  • In doing so, it has failed to act on CCC advice that passenger growth must be limited first and foremost by stopping airport expansion. Instead, the government is relying almost entirely on claims that carbon net-zero flying can be achieved by 2050 by relying purely on as yet unproven new technology, ‘sustainable fuels’ and offsetting.
  • There are well documented problems and huge uncertainties associated with all of the technical solutions proposed in Jet Zero.
  • In choosing to put all its bets on the industry’s untested techo-fixes, the government is taking a huge gamble with everyone’s future. We need more than a ‘wing & a prayer’ to decarbonise aviation.”

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