Leeds Bradford Airport planning application

An artist’s impression of what the new terminal will look like

Planning application 20/02559/FU is to add a new terminal and new parking provision at Leeds Bradford Airport. It also seeks to extend the airport’s daytime operating hours. The application was submitted to Leeds City Council on the 4th May 2020. Currently, the deadline for commenting on the application is the 4th June 2020.

The application also involves building additional infrastructure to support the new terminal, re-configuration of the existing car parking, a new meet and greet building, a new bus terminal and taxi drop off point.

Currently, the airport’s daytime operating hours are from 7am to 11pm. If the application is successful, the daytime operating hours would be from 6am to 11.30pm. Daytime operating hours are in addition to the “night quota.”

The new terminal would cost £150 million and would open in 2023. It would enable the airport to handle 7 million passengers per annum by 2030. Currently the airport is handling 4 million passengers per annum.

The airport’s owners claim that the current terminal, which opened in 1965, is outdated and inefficient, and needs to be replaced by a terminal with a smaller environmental footprint. 

You can access the documents that were submitted with the application and comments that have already been made by clicking on this link. You can make a comment on the application by clicking on this link.

GALBA (Groups Against Leeds Bradford Airport) was formed to co-ordinate resistance to Leeds Bradford Airport’s proposed expansion. You can read their bulletin about the current planning application here.

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