The lack of charging points in Leeds

A vehicle charging point in Birmingham. Image courtesy of Andrew Roberts

An article published in Leeds Live in April 2019, claimed that Leeds is one of the worst cities in the UK for vehicle charging points. According to the article, there were just 58 vehicle charging points in Leeds at that time, several of which were not publicly accessible. Leeds City Council disputed the figure, claiming that it had around 70 charging points. A list published in March 2019 by Zap Map gave details of 88 charging points in Leeds. But even with 88 charging points, Leeds compares very badly with cities like Manchester and York.

The lack of charging point in Leeds means that we don’t suffer to the same extent as other cities from the problem of charging points located on pavements. These can make it very difficult for disabled people to get past. Living Streets is running a campaign to ensure that charging points are placed so that the passage of pedestrians is not obstructed. Let’s hope that new charging points in Leeds are located with consideration for others. 

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