Wireless charging for cars

Image courtesy of Garry Knight

On the 9th July 2019, the government announced that it was investing £37 million into electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Twelve projects are to receive a share of the funding, including wireless charging projects. Wireless charging would mean that electric vehicles could re-charge their batteries without the need to plug in a cable. The name for this technology is “inductive charging.” Although slower than conventional charging using cable connections, inductive charging is often considered more convenient.

In an article published this January, Car magazine, reported that Nottingham had won a £3.4 million government grant to trial inductive charging for its fleet of taxis. Initially, just ten taxis will participate in the trial, which involves induction loops and other infrastructure being installed at selected Nottingham taxi ranks, so that cabbies can charge their taxis whilst waiting for their fare. The trial is being run by Cenex, which describes itself as a low emissions vehicle research consultancy. Trials elsewhere in the country are being conducted by “Connected Kerb.” You can read more about these trials here.

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